LaserPecker 2 Super Laser Engraver Handheld & Portable DIY 5W Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine with Electric Roller+Power Bank+Cutting Plate+Big Case


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LaserPecker 2 Super Features:

Ultra Powerful Auxiliary Booster:
360° Cylindrical Rotating Engraving

Conventional engravers offer very limited engraving options, and you’re limited to only one way to engrave flat on the table. What if you really need a portable, handheld engraving solution that handles anything?

LaserPecker 2 Super is capable of 360° rotating engravings on cylindrical objects, as well as curved or uneven surfaces. LaserPecler 2 simply does it all.

Easy to Use Software for Phone and PC:
Automatic Lifiting and Focusing

Fast and amazingly and easy to use

Unbox, set up and engrave. It takes you less than a minute to get everything done. The electric height adjustment stand ensures laser focusing is more simple and accurate.

Fatest Review Speed:

Featuring a super-fast preview speed of 3750mm/s, its potential is obvious. The industrial-grade fully digital Galvano scanning system fully supports square and graphic preview, making the positioning much easier, more accurate and intuitive. What you see is what you get!

Fast Bluetooth Speed:

5M/min - A solid 30 times transmission speed faster than the 1st generation.Faster, more secure with stronger anti-interference capability. It's also more energy smart to add efficiency to your engraving experience.

Fatest Engraving Speed:

LaserPecker 2 rockets up the engraving speed to 600mm/s. Compared to the LaserPecker Pro first generation, it’s a giant leap forward.

More Engraving Resolution:

Three engraving resolution options of 1k, 1.3k and 2k provide the perfect details level at your fingertips. 10 times higher speed, 10 time more possibilities!

Portable, small, exquisite:
Nearly all the laser engravers on the market are either too bulky to take on-the-go or too priceyto be a good value.
LaserPecker 2 upgrades and redefines the smart portability of engravers.

Powerful and More User-friendly:
Take LaserPecker 2 with you and engrave flexibly with the exclusive power bank at any time, anywhere.

With up to 200+ minutes worktime, LaserPecker 2 is the strongest support for your endless creativity.

High-level Safety Protection:
LaserPecker 2 A blue light filter cover protects your eyes from any discomfort or dryness. It automatically stops for vibration, tilting and over temperature.The preset password and emergency stop button

Full Metal Design:
LaserPecker 2 Super laser engraver is minimalist in nature. Strict attention to details in every process makes it perfect aesthetically and functionally. Full metal design with premium matte finish radiates its unparalleled strength and beauty.

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LaserPecker 2 Super
LaserPecker 2 Sup...
Save -21% $1,179.99 $1,499.99