TwoTrees TS3 Powerful 4th Axis Laser Engraver 10W Enclosed Laser Marking/Engraving/Cutting Machine With Rotary Attachment & Air Filter Fast Smoke Removal WiFi App Offline Control Safety

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Twotrees TS3 Features:

Twotrees TS3 is a closed laser engraving machine with high security and strong operability, which is very suitable for family and education.

1. Whole machine design, no installation, out of the box;

2. Equipped with flame alarm system; high safety factor;

3. A variety of control methods: APP operation, offline operation; online operation;

4.32-bit main control chip, with stronger processing power and higher precision;

5. Y-axis dual motor design, the laser engraver is more stable during the engraving process, and the engraving accuracy is higher;

6. With 10W high power laser module, it can engrave/cut a variety of materials

7. Safety protection design: the laser head stays for 18s for protection, and the laser light source is automatically cut off;

8. Built-in honeycomb panel engraving platform, better engraving & cutting effect;

9. Using photoelectric limit switch, high sensitivity and accurate positioning;

10. Equipped with air filtration system & exhaust system, which can filter/discharge harmful substances;

11. Equipped with a high-precision rotary engraving module, which can engrave cylindrical objects;

12. The outer box adopts high-precision, multi-process baking paint process;

13. High-precision imported stainless steel bearings, with excellent stainless steel corrosion resistance;

14. High precision pulley, high sealing ring, dustproof and foreign body prevention, high speed;

Twotrees TS3 Parameters:

  • Model: Two Trees TS3 10W Deluxe Edition
  • Color: navy blue + orange
  • Machine material: aluminum profile + sheet metal + acrylic
  • Laser power: 10W compressed spot (combined light)
  • Spot Compression Technology: Yes
  • Laser wavelength: 450nm±5nm
  • Output power: 40W
  • Spot size: 0.08*0.08mm
  • Height adjustment method: lifting module adjustment (manual)
  • Focusing method: fixed focus
  • Machine size: 570*430*270mm
  • Engraving size: 300*200mm
  • XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Engraving accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Engraving speed: 10000mm/min
  • Engraving method: USB online\APP\wireless computer WEB terminal\offline
  • Carving material: wood, plastic, paper, leather, acrylic, etc.
  • Software recognition format: NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GCODE
  • Engraving mode: graphic engraving, file engraving, scan engraving, outline engraving, pixel engraving
  • Control board: 32-bit main control board
  • Languages: Chinese, English, Italian, French, German
  • Machine weight: 17.5KG
  • Packing size: 635*505*335mm
  • Packing weight: 20KG
  • Power supply: 24V 4A DC
  • Operating System: Windows, MAC
  • Support software: Laser GRBL: open source free software, support Win X
  • P/Win 7/Win8/Win 10 system
  • Lightburn: Paid software, supports Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win11 system, Mac system
  • Working environment: temperature 5-40 degrees Celsius, humidity 20-60%RH
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA, IEC60825

Packing List:

1. Built-in rotary engraving module x1

2. Built-in honeycomb panel engraving platform x1

3. Built-in air filtration system x1

4. Exhaust system x1

5. Special air pipe for air pump x1"

6. Whole laser engraving machine*1

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