Ortur LM3 LE 10W Dual Module Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine With 5 Safty Protection 400x400mm Engraving Area 15,000mm/Min


★The engraving speed is up to 15,000mm/min.
★Adopt TMC2209 silent drive, with 256 times high subdivision.
★Higher Precision Focal Spot 0.05x0.1mm, Bring Delicate Details at 0.01mm.
★Directly engrave the original image, saving time, energy, and more RAM space.
★Simple mode or professional mode can be switched, making it easier for novices to operate.

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Laser Module
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Professional APP, But Easy to Use

  • Switchable Modes: Easy Mode or Professional Mode
  • Automatic Operation Guide, Novice Friendly
  • Support iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, Android Pads
  • Support printing photos from mobile phones

Minimalism on Appearance

  • Ortur LM3 LE only retains the Home button on its frame. More compact body design without changing the engraving area to save open space. Deep night black color, a cooler option.


  • Adopt TMC2209 silent drive, with 256 times high subdivision. no noise and vibration when the motor rotates.

Directly Engraving Original Pictures

  • Free from sophisticated desaturate processes, saving time, energy and more RAM space.

Stable & Lighter 10W Laser Module

  • The 4th Generation of Laser Spot Compression Technology
  • The 2nd Generation of Laser Diodes Combining Technology
Higher Precision
  • The Improved Mechanical Structure
  • Focal Spot 0.05x0.1mm
  • Bring Delicate Details at 0.01mm

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Ortur LM3 LE laser engraver
Ortur LM3 LE 10W ...
Save -12% $529.99 $599.99