LaserPecker 3 Basic Version Metal & Plastic Handheld Laser Engraver 1064nm Cold Red Light Fiber Laser Marking Machine 48000mm/min High Speed


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Metal & Plastic Engraver: LaserPecker 3 is an optical fiber engraving machine for metal, and plastic. Using a 1064nm pulsed laser, no damage to the material. Note: In this pack, the versatile electric roller don't come with the C-shape bracket and two magnetic sliders.
Ultra-High Precision: 4k precision, perfect picture reproduction. 0,01MM spot, visible details, LaserPecker 3 can help you complete what you what.
Dual Red-Light Focus: Say goodbye to cumbersome measurement procedures and double light coincidence to determine the focal length. At the click of a button, you can automatically lift and descend and start engraving in the easiest way possible.
No Restrictions: Unlimited time, place, and angle, just plug in and use. 360° rotation, no need to worry about the angle of engraving, bring a power bank, whether you are traveling or traveling, you can carry it with you.

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LaserPecker 3 Description:

  1. Upgraded LaserPecker 3
    LaserPecker 3 basic adds powerful features along with an easy-to-use interface to make laser engraving affordable and simple for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. The sleek, compact, plug-and-play device sets up in seconds and works with a smartphone to transfer images and begin engraving with just a few clicks. Long Life Portable Power Supply

    With 6400mAh capacity, this laser engraver supply provides 4 hours of continuous engraving time when fully charged.

  2. 360 Degree Cylindrical Rotating Engraving
    LaserPecker 3 is capable of 360-degree rotating engravings on cylindrical objects, as well as curved or uneven surfaces. (The accessory should be purchased separately)

  3. Fixed Material Jig
    Comes with an adjustable material fig, it can fix objects to the base of the unit and make multiple engravings fast and efficient.

  4. 600mm/s Engraving Speed & 5000mm/s Preview Speed
    With integrated design and high-speed vibration technology, 600mm/s engraving speed can be realized. Compared to the LaserPecker Pro first generation, it's a giant leap forward.

    It features a super-fast preview speed of 5000mm/s, and the industrial-grade fully digital Galvo scanning system fully supports square and graphical previews, making the positioning much easier, more accurate, and intuitive.

  5. Clear HD 4K Resolution
    Laser accuracy is doubled with a new optimized algorithm. Three engraving resolution options of 1k, 2k, and 4k provide the level of the perfect detail at your fingertips.

  6. Dual Red-Light Focusing for Accurate Automatic Ranging
    You can use the LaserPecker App to control the laser engraver stand up and down, and the dual red lights overlapping focusing adjust to objects with different heights for fast and accurate engravings.

  7. 0.01MM High-Precision with Field Mirror Focusing Technology
    The compressed spot has higher power, higher engraving ability, faster speed, and better effect under the same electric power.

What is the difference between LaserPecker 3 and LaserPecker 2?

LaserPecker 2 is a diode laser, while LaserPecker 3 is a fiber laser. LaserPecker 2 can engrave on almost all common materials, but a pretreatment is needed before engraving on metal and plastics. While LaserPecker 3 is made for engraving on metals and plastics, it can achive great results on them without pretreatment.

What materials can LaserPecker 3 engrave on?
LaserPecker 3 can engrave on almost all pure metals and alloys, like gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron, titanium and stainsteel and plastics like AEV, PET, acrylic, PH, PVC without pretreatment. Besides, LaserPecker 3 can engrave on artificial leather, lacquered paper, lacquered wood, parts of stones, and purple clay, etc.

What is the engraving area of LaserPecker 3?
LaserPecker 3's ordinary engraving area is 60mm*60mm, max engraving area is 90mm*82mm

What accessories can the LaserPecker 3 work with?
Accessories for LP3 are fixture, goggles and bluetooth dongle and versatile electric roller.

LaserPecker 3 Laser Engraver Parameter:

General Brand: LaserPecker
Type: Engraver
Model: LaserPecker 3
Color: Grey
Specification Average Power: 1000mw
Max Power: 10000mw
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
Laser Source: II-VI Laser EnterpriseErlu optics
Engraving Area: ellipse: 90x80mm, square: 60x60mm
Resolution: 1k, 2k, 4k
Preview Mode: Square Preview + Graphical Preview
Preview Speed: 5000mm/s
Engraving Speed: 6mm/s - 600mm/s
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.0+
Supported File Formats: JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G Code, CAD, Al, CDR, DWG, and more
Support System: Phone: Android & iOS, PC: Windows & Mac OS
Output: 12V 5A, 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Weight & Size Product Weight: 2.54kg
Package Weight: 3kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 19.4X15.35X26.11cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 29.5x29x18.6cm
Packing list 1 * LaserPecker 3 Laser Engraver
1 * Electric Supporting Stand
1 * Fixture
1 * Goggles
1 * Adapter
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

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Save -21% $1,350.00 $1,699.99