What Are The Causes Of Wood Laser Engraving Machine Heating

What Are The Causes Of Wood Laser Engraving Machine Heating

Wood laser engraving machine is a kind of equipment widely used in wood product processing, art production, furniture manufacturing and other fields. However, in use, some users will encounter the problem of wood laser engraving machine heating. This article will introduce in detail the causes and solutions of wood laser engraving machine heating from the following aspects.

1. The power of the laser tube is too large

The laser tube is one of the core components of the LaserPecker 3 laser engraver, and its power directly affects the working efficiency and performance of the laser engraving machine. If you use a laser tube with too much power in a wood laser engraving machine, it will cause the engraving head to generate a lot of heat, which will overheat the machine. In order to avoid this situation, the user should choose the appropriate laser tube power and not allow it to run excessively.

2. The engraving speed is too fast

For different types of wood, their density and hardness are different, and different parameters need to be adjusted during laser engraving, especially the engraving speed. If the engraving speed is set too fast, the heat will not dissipate in time, resulting in impressions and cuts on the wood surface, and it will also cause the machine to overheat. Therefore, in order to prevent the machine from heating up and improve the engraving quality and efficiency, users should adjust the engraving speed and power according to different wood types and thicknesses.

3. The moisture content of the material is too high

Wood with too high moisture content will also affect the working efficiency and stability of the Laserpecker 2 laser engraver, and even cause the engraver to overheat. Before operating the laser engraving machine, it is necessary to check whether the wood used has too much water. Generally, the wood should be placed on the ground to dry naturally for about two weeks. If the wood cannot be dried, you should choose other relatively dry wood for carving.

4. Worn and aging machine parts

Wear and aging of machine parts is inevitable, which is one reason why Laserpecker laser engraving machines overheat. For example, when processing wood, ordinary knives or cutting edges need to be replaced frequently to ensure the quality of the engraving and the normal operation of the machine. Similarly, components such as laser tubes, laser lenses, and reflectors also need to be checked and replaced frequently.

5. The ambient temperature is too high

The ambient temperature of the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraver machine is also one of the key factors. If the ambient temperature is too high, it will cause the machine to overheat, thus affecting the working efficiency and stability of the machine. In order to avoid this from happening, users should install air conditioners or other cooling equipment in the space around the machine.

6. Improper use

Finally, when the machine is in use, improper use can also cause the laser cutter to overheat. For example, exceeding the use time, frequent switching on and off, and using the laser engravers for a long time will cause the machine to overheat. Therefore, when using the machine, the user should pay attention to the technical specifications, use it reasonably, and avoid machine failures caused by excessive use and improper operation.


The above are the causes and solutions of wood laser engraver heating. There are many factors that may be involved in the heating of the machine, some of which are human factors. Therefore, users should pay special attention to the working environment, material selection, and operation methods when using the machine. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, maintenance and maintenance are also very important.

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