12 Fun Laser Engraving Ideas

12 Fun Laser Engraving Ideas

Multilayer 3D Wooden Bear

This multi-layered 3D bear is a great first project into the world of 3D laser engraving. Multi-layer designs are the best way to make your laser engraving ideas really pop and stand out.

Surrounded by a forest, this adorable bear will look great on any wall in your house, whether it's a living room or a children's room. It's also a great laser engraving project for kids since there's some painting and assembly involved.

Sci-fi clock

Any sci-fi fan will love this Star Wars Stormtrooper wall clock. Not only is this a great gift idea, but it could also be a fun home laser engraving project. All you need is some wood and an old clock that can be disassembled. You can also just buy the clock parts without the frame and drill a hole in the laser engraved wood.

Tic Tac Toe Game
Perhaps one of our favorite laser engraving ideas on this list is the game of Tic Tac Toe. Not only is it cool, but it's portable, making it a fun game for road trips. If you're looking for a laser project to sell, this game would also make a great item to sell to restaurants. This is a very easy and fun project for beginners.

Laser Engraved Wooden Comb
These personalized wooden combs are not only perfect for someone's hair, but also for beards and even dogs. Make sure the design of the handle is as creative as possible, because it's the main part that matters the most. These laser-engraved combs can be detailed to your liking so you can let your creativity run wild.

Custom Glasses & Mugs
Last item on this list are personalized laser engraved mugs and glasses. With the recent popularity of these items, there really is no limit to what can be engraved on these mugs. They will make a very special and unique gift for any coffee or drink lover.

Laser engraved leather wallet
Yes, you can laser engrave leather! In fact, it's one of our favorite materials to sculpt. You can create personalized leather engravings on custom order wallets like these guys do, or create your own images, designs and patterns on different textures and shades of leather.

Custom Engraved Bookmarks
Here's a fun laser engraving idea for those bookworms out there. It's also a great way to experiment with designs on different materials (wood, leather, cardboard, metal, etc.) in a simple bookmark format. You can then engrave custom bookmarks for clients, bookstores, and more.

Engraved metal nameplate
This is a good thing for both individual consumers and businesses. These would make a great gift for homeowners, pet lovers, newlyweds, new parents, and more. For business, custom metal nameplates can be the perfect medium for door plates, desk accessories or even business cards. Just check out all the options available here.

Laser Engraved Awards and Plaques
Another laser engraved idea for different types of clients, awards and plaques are a great way to showcase your design skills on different materials. These can be etched on wood, metal, or even glass to celebrate achievements, show employee gratitude, recognize top performers, and more. The opportunities here are huge, and this seems like an interesting way to start your own laser cutting business.

Engraving metal tools and equipment
Well, you can really expand the scope of your metal laser cutting projects if you own a fiber laser cutting machine. Custom sculpting tools are a great place to start. You can create custom tool designs, commercial engraving, laser marking and etching, and more. Check out these sculpted pocket tool designs for some inspiration

Personalized Photo Frames and Albums
You can cut or engrave picture frames and album covers as personalized gifts or custom sellable items. These products use different types of wood and are popular items on Etsy for weddings, anniversaries, baby photos, and more.

Laser Engraving Project Guide
Laser engraving ideas don't need to be overly creative or take a long time. Sometimes the best projects are the ones that are simple and satisfying. We're sure the ideas listed above will be great ideas for any beginner or laser engraving expert.

To get the most out of your laser engraver, you need to constantly expand what you think is possible. We hope these ideas inspire you to get out there and make your own creative projects. When you do, make sure to send pictures or links to your newly made projects as we'd love to see them.

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