13 Easy Fall Crafts for Your Laser Engraver

13 Easy Fall Crafts for Your Laser Engraver

1. Autumn Leaf and Acorn Necklace
This necklace captures the rustic charm of fall foliage and the promise of new beginnings symbolized by the acorn. It's a piece that will easily complement any fall outfit.

How to make it: Laser cut a pattern of autumn leaves and acorns on a birch board. Then, hand-paint the fall shades and hang them from gold chains.

2. Skull Leaf Charm
Crafted to resemble skeleton leaves, these wooden earrings are a testament to the intricate beauty of nature. They're a do-it-all accessory, perfect for casual days and special fall gatherings.

You can style it by simply laser cutting a skeleton leaf design from alder wood. Then, attach it to nickel-free alloy metal with a gold or silver finish.

3. Laser Cut Template for Fall Themed T-Shirts
Show off your love for the season with a DIY 'Giving Thanks' shirt. In addition to being a stylish piece of clothing, the stencil can add a chic twist to your Thanksgiving table setting.

Use a laser cutter such as the Ortur Laser Master 3 to create a "Thanksgiving" template out of plywood. Spray bleach around the stencil on the t-shirt to create the design.

4. Pumpkin vibe baseball cap
This baseball cap is full of cozy, spicy vibes for fall. As a stylish accessory, it's ideal for enjoying a pumpkin spice latte or just soaking up the fall sunshine.

Tips for making: Use a cutting machine to cut "Pumpkin Spice Vibes" from a sheet of heat transfer vinyl. Transfer it to a baseball cap by heat pressing.

5. Tell Me Turkey Bracelet Charm

With its carved charms, turkey charms, and leaf ornaments, it's a fun accessory during the holidays. Added glass beads enhance the fall vibe.

Quick Design Tip: Laser engrave "Talk Turkey to Me" on stainless steel. Add turkey and leaf decorations, and string with glass beads.

6. DIY Wood Pins

Decorated with an elegant ampersand, these wooden pins are a nod to autumn's cozy country vibe. You can pin them to scarves, jackets or even fall-themed handbags.

They are as easy to make as they are to wear. Use a laser cutter to shape the wood into an "&" symbol. Sand the edges for a smooth finish, apply fall-toned paint or stain, and seal with Mod Podge. Secure the pins to the back.

7. Paper Shell Earrings

While seashells may remind you of summer, these pastel-toned paper earrings can be a unique accessory for fall. Picture them paired with a cozy sweater or a warm scarf to add a touch of the beach to your fall ensemble.

Fall craft tip: Print a seashell design of your choice on cardstock. Cut, layered for sturdiness, then sealed with Mod Podge. Hangs on earring hook.

8. Acrylic Earring Holder
You have now made earrings of various designs and colors. This acrylic earring holder has been thoughtfully designed to display them in all their glory. It serves a dual purpose; acting as both an organizer and a display case for your carefully crafted jewelry.

Tip: Choose the original acrylic sheet as the canvas. Design a layout that allows each earring to hang easily. A laser cutter will then etch out your design, creating all the given slots.

9. Wildflower Ring
These wildflower rings capture the fleeting beauty of fall flowers. They are a delicate and beautiful accessory, perfect for those crisp autumn days when you want to feel the beauty of nature on your fingers.

Crafting tip: Cut out wildflower images or pumpkins on vinyl sheets. Glue the flower pieces to the ring pad.

Fall Holiday Crafts
Fall is a season full of festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. What really captures the spirit of these festivals? That's it for fall crafts! From pumpkin signs and Halloween-style lanterns to Thanksgiving baskets and garlands, there's a craft for every occasion.

10. Witch Leg Door Hanger

Add a whimsical touch to your door this Halloween with the Witch Leg Door Hanger. Crafted from birch plywood, this playful piece features striped witch legs and a ribbon skirt. It's a fun way to greet trick-or-treaters or guests at fall festivities.

Production tip: Use a laser cutter to etch horizontal lines on the sock, then cut out the overall design. Color the legs, add ribbons to the skirt, and use pipe cleaner to attach the ribbons.

11. Halloween Stacked Pumpkins

It's made of MDF and features a series of pumpkins stacked on top of each other, each with its own unique design. It's a versatile piece that can be placed on your porch, living room, or even as a Halloween table centerpiece.

The project was created using Atomstack A10 Pro. You can copy the same. Design your pumpkins in XCS. Once the desired stack is obtained, the design is laser cut from the MDF. Paint with orange acrylic, add details with a marker and assemble.

12. Halloween Candle Box

Brighten up your spooky nights with a Halloween candle holder. This carton showcases an intricate pumpkin design that casts eerie shadows when the candle is placed inside. It's perfect for setting the mood at a Halloween party.

Here's another craft project from our community. You can use a laser cutter to etch the pumpkin design onto paper. After cutting, fold along the dotted lines to form the box and glue the edges together.

13. LED jack-o-lantern

This LED jack-o'-lantern can help brighten up your space and create a warm ambiance. It features a detailed pumpkin design that emits a soft glow, perfect for those chilly fall nights. It is a must for any Halloween or fall themed decoration.

Production tip: Design the pumpkin shape, then use a laser cutter ( Longer RAY5 20W recommended) to carve out the intricate details. Assemble the pieces, then place LED lights inside for a glowing effect.

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