Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries

Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries

Atomstack Laser engraver is a high-tech product in today's world. It can quickly and efficiently engrave fine patterns, make the surface of the engraved object smooth and round, and quickly reduce the temperature of non-metallic materials to reduce deformation and internal stress. It has been widely used in advertising industry, handicraft industry, mold industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, leather industry and other different industries, and has become an important equipment in our daily work.

1. Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries Of Decoration Industry

Atomstack S20 Pro Laser engraving machine has many applications in the decoration industry. The following is the introduction of its woodcarving:

The first is log, which is the most common laser engraving material in our daily life, easy to be engraved and cut, such as birch, cherry wood, maple and other light-colored wood, because it is easier to be vaporized by laser, so it is an ideal engraving Material. However, each wood has its own unique characteristics, so when choosing a wood, it should be selected according to the specific object to be carved. Additionally, we recommend that you research the router characteristics of an unfamiliar wood before carving it.

The second is plywood, which is also one of the commonly used furniture materials. There is not much difference between plywood carving and wood carving, but pay attention to the depth of carving not too deep, and the edges that appear will turn black, but the color depth depends on the wood of the plywood type. The carving of wood is usually negative carving, and the depth requirement is relatively large, so the power setting is relatively high. If you want to reduce the carving depth, you can increase the carving speed, and the best effect can be obtained by multiple carvings. When carving, there may be some oily fumes, which can be wiped off with a damp cloth, and if the paint is not brushed well, it may stain the wood surface.

Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries Of Decoration Industry

2. Laser Engraving Machine Printing And Packaging In Various Industries

With the wide application of Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraver, the printing and packaging industry has also begun to use laser engraving technology to print corrugated carton packaging. Corrugated box packaging can be divided into sales packaging and transportation packaging. The sales packaging is the inner packaging, such as color boxes, white boxes, gift boxes, etc., while the transportation packaging generally belongs to the outer packaging. Its main function is to facilitate storage and transportation, such as cartons, Corrugated boxes, etc. Due to the low cost, laser engraving technology is widely used to make corrugated box packaging printing plates.

The laser engraving machine adopts the dot form, which can express the grayscale features more accurately, so the grayscale representation should be used as much as possible in the engraving design. This can not only reduce the coloring process and process cost, but also enrich the means of expression, thereby improving the layering of graphics.

3. Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries Of Craft Industry

Laser engraving crafts refers to the use of high-energy laser beams to scorch specific material surfaces to produce physical and chemical changes to obtain visible engraving patterns. At present, the common types of materials are paper, fabric, bamboo, leather, resin, glass, metal, jewelry and jade, etc. Each material has unique characteristics, and laser engraving must be processed differently according to the characteristics of each material. To ensure the best processing effect.

The laser engraving process can use advanced technology to control the position and focus intensity of the laser beam to achieve large, small, complex, fine and other processing operations to meet the different needs of customers. Laser engraved crafts can not only be used to decorate special objects, but also can be used to make molds, signs and logos, etc. In addition, laser engraving can also be used for engraving of mechanical parts, making standard parts and threads of various sizes to improve processing accuracy; it can also be used for subtle surface treatment to effectively improve surface smoothness, so as to meet various special needs of customers.

Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries Of Craft Industry

The following mainly introduces the engraving of plexiglass crafts by laser engravers.

Acrylic is one of the most common materials in our daily life. It is a plexiglass material that is easy to cut and carve into various shapes and sizes. It has low cost and visibility, so it is widely used in the handicraft industry. And laser engraving is also a way to make special artworks with this material. Laser engraving can produce a white frosted effect, but when laser engraving is performed on plexiglass obtained by calendering, it can still show a transparent effect. It can be seen that when choosing plexiglass materials, attention should be paid to choosing materials with high purity to avoid melting during engraving or cutting.

4. Application Of Laser Engraving Machine In Various Industries Of Leather

Using laser engraver, the leather industry can overcome the problems of traditional manual and electric shearing machines such as cumbersome operation, slow speed, difficult typesetting, low efficiency, and serious waste of materials, and can greatly improve production speed, operational simplicity, and efficiency. With very few tools or molds, inputting the graphics and size data in the computer into the laser engraving machine can realize the cutting of the whole piece of material, which can save a lot of labor costs. Therefore, laser engraving machines are widely used in the leather industry.

Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machines have many advantages: the edge will not turn yellow, automatic edge closing or curling, and the size is accurate and consistent; it can cut any complex shape, with high processing efficiency and low cost; using computer design Graphics, can flexibly make lace of any shape and size; for the workpiece, there is no mechanical pressure in the process of processing; safe operation, simple maintenance, etc.

Laserpecker 3

In fact, the introduction of LaserPecker 3 laser engraver has promoted the development of the leather industry. Users can design any pattern on the computer, output and update the engraved graphics in time, so as to realize the concept of designing and producing products. In addition, laser processing is also the best choice for energy-saving and environmental protection processing.

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