Benefits of Laser Cutting in the Fabric Industry

Benefits of Laser Cutting in the Fabric Industry

As an advanced processing technology, laser cutting technology has been widely used in various industries, including scientific, industrial and medical fields. In terms of fabric cutting, the Atomstack S20 Pro laser cutting machine is also an efficient, precise, and damage-free cutting method with many advantages. This article will introduce the advantages of laser cutting machine in fabric cutting in detail.

1. High precision

The laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to cut, and its cutting accuracy can reach the millimeter level, and can easily cut out fabrics of various shapes and sizes. They can also perform various operations such as scaling and rotation to achieve highly customized requirements. Compared with traditional fabric cutting methods, the Atomstack S30 Pro laser cutting machine can ensure the exact size and shape of the cut fabric, thereby reducing waste and errors.

2. No mold required

Traditional fabric cutting requires the use of a large number of molds, which require a lot of time and cost to design, manufacture and maintain. The laser cutting machine does not need to use any molds, but only needs to set the cutting program through the computer, thus saving all the cost and time of manufacturing and storing molds.

3. Fast cutting speed

The cutting speed of Atomstack laser cutting machine is faster than traditional mechanical cutting, because the laser cutting machine can realize the automation and assembly line operation of large batch production tasks through computer software and automatic control system. And, since the fabric is cut without rubbing or pinching, it cuts faster, increasing productivity.

Four, a wide range of applications

Laser engraver has a wide range of applications and can be used in various shapes and types of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic materials, and more. They can cut various shapes of clothes, rugs, sofas, car cushions and other home decoration and home textile products. At the same time, they can also cut consumer goods such as clothing, hats, shoes and bags in various shapes, so they are very suitable for various processes and applications.

5. Reduce waste and cost

The LaserPecker 3 laser cutting machine can cut fabric according to the requirements of computer design, so it can make better use of fabric and minimize waste. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting, the cutting line of laser cutting machine is very thin, so the amount of wasted fabric will be reduced a lot, thus reducing the cost.

6. No damage

Laser cutting machines do not damage the fabric because the heat of the laser beam is only focused on the area that needs to be cut. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting, it is easy to cause fabric damage due to the pressure generated by mechanical contact with the fabric. As a non-contact cutting method, the laser cutting machine can avoid damage and deformation of the fabric.

7. High efficiency and automation

Laserpecker 2 laser cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency and automation. With the support of computer software, the laser cutting machine can realize automatic cutting without manual intervention. In this way, large-volume production tasks can be easily handled, production time and costs can be saved, and production efficiency can be improved.

To sum up, the laser cutting machine has significant advantages in fabric cutting, such as high precision, no need for molds, fast cutting speed, wide application range, reduction of waste and cost, no damage, high efficiency and automation. Therefore, they have become an important tool in the field of fabric cutting.

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