Best Control Software for Laser Engravers & Cutters

Best Control Software for Laser Engravers & Cutters

(1) LightBurn
LightBurn is the father of all laser engraving and cutting software. It is because of its compatibility with almost all laser machines and advanced features that experts love. You can make simple sketches or vector graphics, such as names and objects, from scratch.

You can edit designs, create layouts, and make various changes to the existing graphics. The most important thing about LightBurn is the optimal result. You get the best results for engraving and cutting as it allows you to take complete control over the machine. Even if you are using any laser engraver with rotary attachment, you can use it with perfection.

LightBurn has advanced features that many other tools and software lack. It is a complete laser control software and CAD design tool. It is the best for all your laser engrving and cutting projects.


Supports almost all formats for laser cutting and engraving
You can create and edit vector shapes, objects, and designs
Full control over speed, power, passes, brightness, and other options to make the engraving and cutting better
Compatible with a wide range of desktop and commercial laser machines.


LightBurn is not a free tool, but it is quite affordable. You only need to pay $60 to $120 once, depending on the license you select.

(2) LaserGRBL
LaserGRBL is an old laser control software. It is quite basic and suitable for laser engraving only. You cannot expect much from it.

It is open-source software that you can get for free. It offers some basic options that are good for engraving on objects. It is compatible with a wide range of laser machines.


Easy positioning of the image
Gives the status of every point or pixel of the image
Offers exceptional engraving results
Suitable for beginners

LaserGRBL is free, and you can download it from the official website.

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