Laser Engraving Wood: All You Need to Know

Laser Engraving Wood: All You Need to Know

Atomstack laser engraving is an emerging process technology, which is loved and applied by more and more people because of its high efficiency, exquisiteness and environmental protection. In terms of engraving materials, the texture, color, hardness and type of wood are different, and the results of laser engraving will also be different. This article will introduce how to laser engrave wood, hoping to help friends who like DIY and handmade art.

Preparations Before Engraving

  • Choose wood suitable for carving
    When choosing wood, we need to consider factors such as material, hardness, texture and color. Generally speaking, harder woods are not easily cut by lasers, so softer woods need to be selected. At the same time, the texture of wood is also one of the factors that affect the effect of laser engraving. The more complex the texture of the wood, the more delicate and realistic the carved works will be.
  • Pattern design
    If you want to carve a pattern on wood, you need to design the desired pattern first and save it in a vector format, such as .ai, .dxf, etc. before starting to carve. Choose a suitable cutting software, such as Lightburn, grbl, etc., import the designed pattern, and convert it into a route that the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraving machine can recognize. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the parameters of laser cutting, such as power, speed, frequency, etc., according to the material, size and shape of the engraving.

Laser Engraving Process

  1. Connection and debugging of cutting machine
    First, you need to connect the Atomstack S30 Pro laser cutting machine to the computer and install the cutting software. In the process of debugging, it is necessary to adjust some parameters according to actual needs, such as power, speed and frequency. Only when these parameters are set correctly can a high-quality pattern be cut.
  2. Preparation of wood
    Before the wood can be cut, it needs some treatment and preparation. Especially for warped boards or some panels that need to be leveled, it needs to be flattened and clamps are used to clamp the wood to prevent it from moving. At the same time, place the wood on the same level as the cutting machine.
  3. Start cutting
    Before starting cutting, it is necessary to turn on the power of the laser cutting machine and hang up the compressed air circuit. Then, select the designed pattern in the cutting software, set the parameters, turn on the laser cutting machine, and start cutting.

During the cutting process, it is necessary to always pay attention to the operation of the TwoTrees TTS-55 cutting machine, and adjust the dose according to the actual situation to ensure the quality and requirements of the cutting effect. At the same time, since the laser cutting machine will generate high heat and sparks when working, it is necessary to take necessary safety protection measures, such as wearing glasses and gloves.

Handling After Cutting

1. Removal of sawdust

After cutting, there will be many sawdust left on the surface of the wood, and on the wood, these sawdust can even have a great influence on the final effect. Therefore, after cutting, it is necessary to use tools such as a hair dryer or a soft brush to remove the sawdust first, so as to observe the final effect.

2. Improve cutting effect

After cutting, it is necessary to trim and improve the carved works. For example, hand-finishing sawdust, sanding, etc. are common methods. For some more complex patterns and structures, trimming and improvement work is an indispensable step. Tools such as carving knives and knives are used to carefully organize and modify.

3. Protection and maintenance

Finally, the finished work needs to be protected with tools such as wax oil. Greasing, sanding, and cleaning wood are all important parts of maintaining your piece to keep it bright and shiny.


Laser engraving technology not only has broad application prospects, but also covers many different processes and technologies. Skilled use of laser engraver can not only be used for creativity, but also add more fun and creativity to your life. At the same time, continuous improvement and development of this technology is also an interesting and meaningful step on the road of continuous exploration and innovation.

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