Customized Farewell Gifts With Laser Engraver

Customized Farewell Gifts With Laser Engraver

As people's requirements for gifts increase, more and more people begin to choose handmade or customized gifts to express their hearts, among which Atomstack laser engraving machine has become a popular choice. In various festivals, celebrations and anniversaries, the farewell gifts made by laser engraving are very popular among people. Next, we will discuss the method and process of laser engraving machine to make farewell gift.

How To Choose a Laser Engraving Machine

First of all, the first step in making a farewell gift is choosing a suitable LaserPecker 3 laser engraver. There are various specifications of laser engraving machines on the market. Different engraving machines can adapt to different materials and have different powers. Accuracy, speed and other factors ensure that a suitable device is selected.

Production Process

After choosing the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraving machine, the second step in making the farewell gift is to carry out the detailed production process.

1. Design

First, you need to design the pattern of the gift. The designed pattern should meet your own ideas and needs, and should consider the type and hardness of the material and the precision of the engraving machine. Since it is a farewell gift, maybe adding some deep meaning or memory can increase the value of the gift.

2. Material preparation

After determining the design of the gift, you can start preparing the materials. Since laser engraving can apply high heat energy, the type and hardness of materials need to be limited. In the production process, wood, plexiglass, laser-cut composite materials, etc. can be used as material choices. In the selection of materials, the cost and environmental protection of the materials should be considered, and the choice can also be made according to the preference of the recipient.

3. Operation

When the material preparation is complete, the laser engraving operation can be carried out. The following points should be paid attention to during operation:

  • Fix the material: Before laser engraving, please confirm that the material has been firmly fixed on the laser engraving machine. The fixing method can be screw fixing or magnetic fixing.
  • Setting engraving machine parameters: before engraving, it is necessary to set appropriate parameters such as power, frequency and speed, as well as depth and engraved line width, etc., to ensure the quality and perfection of the engraving effect. In addition, appropriate tests should be carried out to check that the material and pattern are suitable for operation.
  • Clean operation: During the laser engraving operation, dust and other sundries are likely to be generated, which may affect the engraving effect. Therefore, it should be cleaned up in time after use.

customized farewell gifts with laser engraver

Laser Engraved Farewell Gift Recommendations

The Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraving machine has a wide range of applications, and the farewell gifts that can be made are also diverse. Below we recommend three farewell gifts based on laser engraving machines.

  1. Custom Photo Frames
    A photo frame is a more practical and meaningful gift. Laser engraving technology can engrave some blessings or other meanings on the photo frame to increase the value of the gift. The shape of the photo frame can be square, round, heart-shaped and other shapes, which are suitable for different occasions and different objects.
  2. lettering pen
    Although the lettering pen is not the first gift I heard, it has its unique charm among the farewell gifts, and it can be matched with a custom gift box to make it more valuable. In the process of engraving, you can add some famous quotes and blessings related to the gift and occasion to make the gift more meaningful.
  3. lettering music box
    The music box is a very exquisite gift, and has the meaning of permanent retention value. Using laser engraving technology, any pattern can be engraved on the box, and it can be matched with corresponding music and added emotional colors. Such a unique music box gift will definitely make people feel infinitely warm.

In short, laser engraving machines have great potential in the field of customized gifts. Whether expressing love, gratitude, or giving blessings, laser engraver can be used to make high-quality farewell gifts with profound meanings.

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