What Are The Classifications Of Laser Engraving Machines?

What Are The Classifications Of Laser Engraving Machines?

Atomstack laser engraving machine is a high-precision equipment, which can cut or process items by controlling the laser beam to melt or oxidize the surface of materials. Laser engraving machines are used in a wide range of fields, including architectural models, furniture, handicrafts and other fields. Different types of laser engraving machines have different features and functions, this article will introduce the classification of laser engraving machines.

Classified By Laser Type

1. Gas laser engraving machine

The gas laser engraving machine uses a laser to generate a high-energy laser beam, which is melted or oxidized at the focal point on the surface of the workpiece to achieve cutting or processing of the item. Among them, CO2 laser is one of the most commonly used types of gas lasers, which has the advantages of high power, good stability and low cost.

2. Solid-state laser engraving machine

A solid-state laser engraving machine is a laser engraving machine that uses a laser beam emitted by a solid-state laser for cutting and processing. Commonly used lasers include Nd:YAG, fiber lasers, etc. These lasers have the characteristics of high power, high efficiency, long life, etc., and are highly tunable, and the wavelength can be adjusted according to needs.

3. Semiconductor laser engraving machine

Atomstack S20 Pro semiconductor laser engraving machine is the latest generation of laser technology, it has the characteristics of compactness, portability, low power, low cost, etc., and has significant advantages in power consumption, efficiency, cost, etc. Semiconductor lasers are used in a wide range of applications, such as digital products, metal signs, LEDs, optical communications and other fields.

Classified By Occasion

1. Industrial laser engraving machine

Industrial laser engraving machine refers to a laser engraving machine specially used in manufacturing, which is used in various projects, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic engineering, jewelry processing, hardware processing, etc. Industrial laser engraving machines usually have the characteristics of high power, high speed, and high stability.

2. Personal laser engraving machine

The Atomstack S30 Pro personal laser engraver is a laser engraver for homemade, DIY, or small-batch production products. Personal laser engraving machines are small in size and low in price, but usually have low power and slow speed, so they are suitable for processing simple and small products.

3. Educational laser engraving machine

The educational laser engraving machine is a device that provides learning and experimentation for students. This laser engraving machine is usually used in schools, laboratories, children's science and technology museums and other occasions. LaserPecker 3 laser engraving machines are generally small in size, low in power, safe and reliable.

Classified By Operation Mode

1. Manual laser engraving machine

Manual laser engraver is a kind of laser engraving machine that needs to adjust the position manually, it can carry out fine engraving and cutting on the workpiece. In operation, it is necessary to manually move the laser head to the workpiece for operation.

2. Automatic laser engraving machine

An automatic laser engraving machine refers to a laser engraving machine that is controlled by a computer during operation. The operator can pre-design the pattern of the workpiece, and then transfer the pattern to the laser recorder, and the laser recorder will automatically perform the processing.

Classified By Carrier

1. Desktop laser engraving machine

Ortur Laser Master 3 desktop laser engraving machine is usually suitable for cutting thinner materials, such as leather, wood, plastic, etc. It is easy to operate and suitable for families or small studios.

2. Large laser engraving machine

Large laser engraving machines are suitable for cutting thicker materials, such as metal sheets, PVC sheets, etc. This laser engraving machine has the advantages of higher power, faster speed, more stable quality and higher precision, and is suitable for large-scale engineering, manufacturing and other fields.

To sum up, laser engraving machines can be classified according to laser type, application occasion, operation mode and carrier. Different types of laser engraving machines have their own characteristics and functions, so when purchasing a laser engraving machine, you should choose according to your actual needs.

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