Application Of Laser Cutting Machine In Leather Products

Application Of Laser Cutting Machine In Leather Products

Atomstack laser cutting machine has unique advantages in leather product processing, it can accurately control the cutting depth, size and shape, and will not damage the leather texture, so it is widely used in the leather industry. This article will introduce in detail the characteristics of the laser cutting machine, the leather cutting process and the application of the laser cutting machine in leather products.

The Characteristics Of Laser Cutting Machine

Atomstack S20 Pro laser cutter is a device that uses laser beams to process materials. It has the following characteristics:

1. High precision: The laser cutting machine uses high-energy-density beams for cutting, which can achieve very high processing accuracy, and the error of cutting size is very small.

2. High efficiency: The working speed of the laser cutting machine is very fast, and it can quickly and accurately cut a large number of leather materials, which improves the production efficiency.

3. Maintenance-free: The laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting, will not wear the tool, and has the advantage of long life, which reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment.

4. Strong adaptability: The laser cutting machine is suitable for leather materials of various thicknesses, cutting needs of different shapes and sizes, and can be customized through software.

Leather Cutting Process

Before using the Atomstack S30 Pro laser cutting machine to process leather, relevant pretreatment is required, including leather selection, specifications, equipment debugging, etc. The following is the basic process of leather cutting:

1. Design file: First, design the required pattern or text on the computer, and import the designed file into the laser cutting software.

2. Material preparation: After the design, the prepared leather needs to be placed on the workbench, and then the material should be placed according to the designed pattern to get the best material utilization.

3. Set up the laser cutting machine: After determining the cut shape and size, you need to adjust the corresponding parameters on the laser cutting machine, such as laser power, cutting speed, gas injection pressure and processing sequence, etc., in order to achieve the best processing Effect.

4. Start cutting: When all the parameters are set, the leather can be cut by the laser cutting machine, while monitoring and controlling the processing process to ensure the cutting quality and stability.

5. Finishing: When the cutting is complete, the leather needs to be removed and sorted to achieve the desired finished product.

Application Of Laser Cutting Machine In Leather Products

1. Footwear Manufacturing

Footwear manufacturing of leather is one of the fields where the Ortur Laser Master 3 laser cutting machine is widely used. Laser cutting machines can perform high-efficiency and high-precision processing in this field, and can customize complex shoe designs and shapes, while maintaining the original texture and softness of leather.

2. Belt manufacturing

Laser cutting technology can cut the belt with high precision, and can also decorate the surface with patterns or letters, making the belt more beautiful in appearance and increasing the added value of the product.

3. Luggage accessories

Laser cutting machines can cut luggage accessories in various shapes and sizes, such as zippers, buckles, sides, etc., and can be customized according to needs, which can effectively improve work efficiency and product quality.

4. Car interior

Laser cutting machines also play an important role in automotive interior processing. They can perform high-precision cutting and engraving on car seats, door covers, and steering wheels, thereby improving product quality and added value.

5. Aerospace industry

Laser cutting machines are also widely used in the aerospace industry. They can perform high-efficiency, high-precision cutting and engraving, and can process complex shapes and structural designs, which can greatly improve the reliability and performance of aerospace products.

In conclusion, the Sculpfun S10 laser cutting machine has been widely used in the field of leather product processing. It can achieve high-efficiency, high-precision cutting and processing, and can be customized according to specific needs, while maintaining the texture of the original leather material and texture. In the future, with the continuous upgrading and development of the manufacturing industry, the application range of laser cutting machines will become wider and wider, bringing people greater convenience and creating more possibilities.

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