The Solution To The Overburning Phenomenon Of Laser Cutting Machine

The Solution To The Overburning Phenomenon Of Laser Cutting Machine

Atomstack laser cutting machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency processing equipment, which has been widely used in the field of cutting and processing various materials. However, in actual use, there will be a phenomenon of burns during processing, and this problem will seriously affect the processing quality and the service life of the finished product in some cases. This article will introduce the causes and solutions of burns in detail.

Causes Of Burns

The causes of burns during the processing of the Atomstack S20 Pro laser cutting machine are very complicated, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The cutting speed is too slow: When the cutting speed is too slow, the laser beam stays on the workpiece for a long time, and the energy accumulation will increase, resulting in burns on the surface of the workpiece.

2. Too high cutting power: When the laser power is set too high, the energy of the laser beam to the workpiece is too strong, which will also cause surface burns.

3. Uneven gas injection: Gas is one of the important factors to protect workpieces and optical components, but if the injection is uneven, some parts will not be fully protected and burns will occur.

4. Failure of optical components: If the optical components cannot fully refract and focus the beam, the beam will lose its accuracy and stability, resulting in uneven beam energy and burns.

5. The performance of the material itself: the chemical properties and heat treatment state of some materials will affect the surface state during processing, resulting in burns.

6. High technical requirements for operators: In the operation of laser cutting machines, operators need to have certain professional skills and experience, otherwise improper operation will also cause burns.

The Solution

When encountering burns, we need to analyze and solve them according to the specific situation. The following are the corresponding solutions proposed for the above reasons:

1. Increase the cutting speed: When we find that the cutting speed is too slow, we can increase the cutting speed appropriately. If the material itself is thin and the precision requirement is not high, the cutting speed can be increased moderately to avoid burns caused by the laser beam staying for too long.

2. Adjust the laser power: When we find that the laser power is set too high, we can lower the laser power appropriately. The laser power can be gradually adjusted under experimental conditions to find the optimum power for the material.

3. Adjust the gas injection: When we find that the gas injection is uneven, we can properly adjust the gas injection method. Try to spray the gas evenly over the cutting area for adequate protection.

4. Replacement of optical components: When we find that the optical components fail, we need to replace them with new ones. Regularly check and clean the dirt and wear on the surface of the optical components to avoid burns caused by the failure of the optical components.

5. Select high-quality materials: In the process of processing, we need to consider the influence of the chemical properties of the material and the state of heat treatment on the cutting effect, and choose high-quality materials. At the same time, the material needs to be properly treated and pre-treated before processing to alleviate the possibility of surface burns on the workpiece.

6. Improve operator skills: Operators need to have certain operating skills and experience, understand the working principle and technical parameters of the Atomstack S30 Pro laser cutting machine, and master the corresponding safety knowledge and operating specifications.


In addition to the above solutions, we also need regular maintenance and maintenance of the laser engraver to ensure its operating efficiency and production quality.

1. Regular equipment inspection and cleaning, including lubrication of the lubrication system, inspection of the air system, etc.

2. Regularly replace optical components to avoid the situation that the optical components must be replaced due to contamination or wear.

3. Pay attention to processing safety, and avoid laser cutting machine failure or dangerous accidents caused by misoperation or improper safety measures during processing.

In Short
The burning phenomenon of Ortur Laser Master 3 laser cutting machine is a difficult problem, which requires us to constantly explore and adjust in the usual production and processing, to find the most suitable processing method and solution, in order to achieve more efficient and more accurate Processing results. At the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine is also very important. Only by keeping the equipment in good condition can the equipment be in an efficient operation state.

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