How To Laser Engrave Tumblers

How To Laser Engrave Tumblers

Laser engraving is an advanced processing technology, which is widely used in jewelry, toys, construction, advertising and other fields. Atomstack laser engraving machine can accurately engrave patterns, fonts and images on different materials, making the products more beautiful and unique. In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, companies need to find a new way to attract consumers. In this case, using laser technology to engrave the glass is a very good way.

Introduction To Laser Engraving Technology

Laser engraving is a technique that uses a high-energy laser beam to process objects. The laser beam is generated by a high-energy laser and controlled by a computer to precisely engrave on the surface of the object at a very high speed. Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraving machine has many advantages, such as precise control, high efficiency, low loss and repeatability, and is widely used in various industries.

Why Choose Glass?

1. Durable: Glass cups are stronger than cups made of other materials, not easy to break, and have a long service life.

2. Safety: The glass cup does not contain any harmful substances, is not harmful to the human body, and is easy to clean.

3. Beautiful: The appearance of the glass is transparent and smooth, and the glass after laser engraving is more delicate and high-end.

Therefore, it is a good choice to choose glass for laser engraving, which not only increases the aesthetics of the product, but also improves the practicability of the product.

How To Laser Engrave Glass

1. Material Preparation

First, we need to prepare some glasses suitable for laser engraving. When choosing a cup, choose a glass with high transparency and good flatness, so that the best effect can be achieved in the laser engraving process.

2. Design Patterns

Before laser engraving, a design is required. Design can use computer-aided design software (GRBL), Lightburn and other software. In the design, you can use text, pictures or artistic patterns.

3. Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is to form the desired shape by cutting the surface of the object with a high-energy laser beam. When laser engraving a glass, it is necessary to input the designed pattern into the laser engraving machine. The Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraving machine will automatically control the movement of the laser beam through the computer to cut and engrave on the glass surface, and finally form the required pattern.

4. Marking Process

There may be residual dust or debris on the glass after laser engraving. Therefore, engraving treatment is required to ensure a clean and beautiful appearance of the product.

The Advantages Of Laser Engraving Glass

1. Increase The Value Of The Product

Using laser engraving technology, patterns, fonts and images can be accurately engraved on the glass, making the product more beautiful and unique. This will differentiate your product from other products and thus increase the value of your product.

2. Efficient Production

Traditional printing technology requires a long time of preparation and adjustment, while laser engraving only needs to input the designed pattern into the laser engraving machine to automate production. This can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce costs.

3. Strong Customization

Laser engraving can meet the individual needs of customers and has great flexibility. Customers can design their favorite patterns, fonts and images according to their own needs, so as to realize customized production.

Strong Durability

Laser engraved patterns, fonts and images are not easy to fade, peel off, and have strong durability. This will make your product quality more stable and make customers more willing to buy and use your product.

Matters Needing Attention

1. Choose high-quality materials

When engraving glasses, it is very important to choose high-quality glasses. Because the surface of low-quality glass is not smooth, it is easy to cause blurred lettering and depiction.

2. Safe Operation

The laser beam output by the LaserPecker 3 laser engraver has strong energy, which may cause injury if mishandled. When using a laser engraver, it is necessary to operate safely and avoid accidents caused by improper operation.

3. Good Ventilation Environment

During laser engraving, smoke and odors are produced. In order to ensure the quality of marking and the health of operators, it is necessary to maintain a good ventilation environment in the workshop.

4. Reasonably Plan The Engraving Position

When engraving a glass, it is necessary to plan the engraving position and engraving depth reasonably to ensure the toughness and service life of the glass.

Application Of Laser Engraving Glass

1. Gift Giving

With the Ortur Laser Master 3 laser engraving machine, we can engrave our beloved words, names or special patterns on the glass, and give them to relatives and friends as gifts to express our hearts.

2. Festive Wedding

Laser engraved glasses are a great choice for a festive wedding. At the wedding banquet, let the names or letters of the bride and groom be engraved on the glass, which is both beautiful and unique.

3. Trademark Promotion

Engraving a company's logo, name or slogan on a glass can increase a company's brand recognition and loyalty.

4. Hotel Catering

Laser engraved glasses are more artistic and can depict various designs. This can increase the aesthetics and class of restaurants or hotel catering.

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