The Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite is a laser engraver anyone can use

The Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite is a laser engraver anyone can use

The Laserpecker L1 Pro is a laser engraver that anyone can use. It requires minimal technical knowledge and is controlled via a feature-rich smartphone app that is intuitive to use. A great machine to start your laser engraving journey, make personalized gifts or add a personal touch to your products.

What is the Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite?
The Laserpecker L1 Pro is quite different from the other laser engravers we've tested so far. It is a mini laser engraver that can be controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone app. You don't need a PC to control this router. The maximum engraving area of the laser is 10cm*10cm.

We tested the Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite, which comes with an autofocus mount that really takes it to the next level.

The laser diode is a 500mW diode with an output power of 1500mW advertised. It's a bit of an odd spec, but from the tests we've done, we think the optical laser power should be closer to 1.5W than 0.5W, as it engraves reasonably well.

The laser machine has no moving parts, it deflects the laser beam internally while the head remains stationary. looks cool.

I also recommend that you use a higher quality protection google that has OD6+ protection. You only have one pair of eyes. protect them! These lasers work in the visible spectrum and even the reflection can be very harmful to your eyes!

Focus procedure
The Laserpecker L1 Pro has a focal length of 20 cm, which is exactly the length of the included ruler. This means you need to position the laser head 20 cm from the surface of the object.

With the autofocus stand, it's very easy, you just place the autofocus paper over the subject and press the focus button. The stand will raise the laser head to the desired distance.

Using a tripod to focus the standard Laserpecker L1 Pro takes more time because of the repeated adjustments to the length of the tripod legs.

The advantage of using a tripod is that you can also tilt the laser head sideways and engrave on large objects. You can also place the tripod directly on a large object such as a table or bench and sculpt directly on the surface below.

With the Laserpecker package you get two versions of the stand.

special function
Laserpeckers Special is a feature-rich smartphone app with a library of example designs. It also has a lot of material presets. You only need to slightly fine-tune the parameters to get the perfect engraving effect.

The Laserpekcer L1 Pro is definitely the easiest laser engraving machine to use.

Another special feature is that since it is USB C powered, it can be powered by a power bank:

Using this large power bank, the Laserpecker L1 Pro only sheds about 1% of its power every 10 minutes of operation.

Software and Supported Formats
As mentioned earlier, the Laserpecker L1 Pro is controlled by a smartphone app.

The app has tons of presets for various materials and it only takes a little tweaking to get the settings right and produce perfect engravings.

These are the main options:
Text engraving
Finger painting
Photo engraving
QR code and barcode generation

Most impressive is the photo engraving. It's amazingly fast. You take a photo, then apply a filter to get the desired effect. Some edits and deletions are also possible.

Cutting and engraving different materials
Engraving: wood, leather, cotton (clothes), rubber, paper, fruit, foam, felt, plastic, peel, etc...

The machine is not a laser cutter, so it can't cut much. The thickest thing it can cut is paper or masking tape.

Always use the machine in a well-ventilated area.

The Laserpecker L1 Pro is a great option for anyone who wants to get into the world of laser engraving but doesn't want to overcomplicate things. Simple to use and controllable via smartphone - The Laserpecker L1 Pro is a great option for someone who is not tech savvy and just wants to add a personal touch to their products or crafts, or wants to give a personalized gift or just wants to own Pick something interesting and sculpt anything that comes to mind.

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