Fiber Laser and Infrared (IR) Laser Applications

Fiber Laser and Infrared (IR) Laser Applications

The choice between a fiber laser engraver and an infrared (IR) laser engraver depends on the application, as each engraver has unique characteristics. Here are some common laser applications and the type of laser recommended for each:

1. Jewelry Engraving
An infrared (IR) laser machine is a better choice for engraving jewelry because it can easily engrave a variety of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and copper, among others. Fiber lasers can also engrave metal jewelry, but they are more expensive and consume more power. Infrared (IR) lasers therefore offer a cost-effective solution for this.

2. Plastic or acrylic engraving
Infrared lasers give better results when engraving plastic or acrylic because the engravings are clearly visible and of higher quality than engravings produced by blue lasers. For this application, infrared lasers are less expensive and more efficient than fiber lasers.

3. Metal cutting
For cutting sheet metal up to 0.05mm thick, suitable infrared laser engraving machines are available, but not all machines are capable of this. For thicker metals, a fiber laser engraver designed specifically for laser cutting metal is required.

4. Laser welding
Fiber laser welders are the best choice for laser welding because they provide clean, fast and precise welds that are difficult to achieve using other methods and techniques.

5. Laser cleaning
Fiber laser cleaning machines are ideal for industrial grade laser cleaning. Specific, powerful lasers remove rust, paint and other unwanted substances from surfaces.

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