Ultimate Creative Laser Tool LaserPecker LX1

Ultimate Creative Laser Tool LaserPecker LX1

Unleash your creativity with four interchangeable tool modules
Check out the LaserPecker LX1, the ultimate art instrument with four interchangeable modules to unleash your creativity like never before. LaserPecker LX1 is composed of 20W 450nm blue laser, 10W 450nm blue laser, 2W 1064nm infrared laser and artist modules, each module can be purchased individually or in bundles to meet your creative needs and push your artistic ambitions to new heights high.

Interchangeable Module Options
The 20W 450nm blue laser is ideal for crafting on a variety of materials including wood, bamboo, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic, stone, coated and anodized metals. The laser beam cuts wood up to 15mm thick and acrylic up to 8mm thick for exceptional precision and stunning artistic results.

The 10W 450nm blue laser is custom-made for etching on wood, bamboo, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic, stone, coated and anodized metals. This innovative tool can engrave wood up to 10mm thick and acrylic up to 5mm thick with unparalleled precision.

The 2W 1064nm infrared laser is designed for the discerning artist who demands precision and excellence for engraving most metals, opaque plastics, leather, opaque acrylic, stone, stained glass and painted ceramics.

The Artist Module is the ultimate tool for drawing and sketching with ease, suitable for artists of all ages and compatible with a wide range of writing instruments and pens. Imagine this: You can add a personalization plugin to your product or as a seemingly handwritten marketing campaign.

Precision and Design
Featuring an impressive 0.05mmx0.05mm beam precision, the LaserPecker LX1 promises to bring your ideas to life with unparalleled precision. Its frame measures 400mmx420mm (LaserPecker LX1) and its extended bed measures 400mmx800mm (LaserPecker LX1 Max), making it the perfect tool for larger projects and professional artwork.

Simple folding frame for immediate use and easy storage
The simple "lift and turn" frame design of the LaserPecker LX1 makes it ready to use without any assembly, allowing you to easily unleash your creativity and realize your artistic vision. Plus, the innovative folding frame facilitates quick and easy storage, making it the ideal tool for artists with limited storage space.

The LaserPecker LX1 is currently available for pre-order. We see this laser as a great opportunity to take your artistic expression to new heights with this unparalleled tool. Place your order today and experience the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

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