What Are The Auxiliary Tools For Laser Engraving Machines

What Are The Auxiliary Tools For Laser Engraving Machines

The Atomstack laser engraver is a device that engraves by utilizing a laser beam. Also known as a laser cutter, this device can be used to engrave and cut a variety of materials such as wood, metal, leather, plastic, and more. When using a laser engraving machine, some auxiliary tools can be used to improve production efficiency and precision. This article will introduce the auxiliary tools of the laser engraving machine, including autofocus, rotating shaft, platen, cooling system, scanning head, etc.

1. Auto focus

The autofocus system of the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraver can help users accurately determine the focus point of the laser beam. This feature ensures consistent focus and engraving quality when engraving on materials of varying heights and angles.

An autofocus system usually consists of a camera, a sensor, and a control system. Before starting to engrave, the user needs to place the material on the platform and let the system measure the height and slope of the material. Next, the system automatically adjusts the focus point position based on this information to ensure that the laser beam is focused in the correct position.

2. Rotary axis

The rotary axis is an auxiliary tool for engraving circular and curved shapes on the laser engraver. It is achieved by fixing the rotatable material on the laser engraving machine and rotating the material around an axis.

The rotation axis can be connected with the control system of the Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraver to automatically adjust the engraving depth and speed while rotating. This auxiliary tool is often used to create circular logos, outlines and medals, among other things.

3. Platen

The platen is an auxiliary tool used to fix the material on the laser engraver to keep it stable. This auxiliary tool can use cylinder or motor power to keep the material in place and ensure that the laser beam does not move or vibrate during operation.

The platen usually consists of a frame, cylinder, motor, sensor and control system. When the laser engraving machine starts working, the sensor detects the position of the material and fixes it firmly on the platen. This auxiliary tool ensures that the laser beam does not damage the material during high-speed engraving and cutting.

4. Cooling system

The cooling system of the laser engraving machine is an auxiliary tool used to keep the temperature of the laser and other components constant. The aid absorbs heat by flowing water or another liquid over the laser and other components and cools them down.

A cooling system usually consists of a water pump, a water tank, a radiator, sensors and a control system. Before the LaserPecker 3 laser engraver starts to work, the cooling system will introduce the water in the water pump into the laser, and discharge the heat obtained after engraving to the outside. This auxiliary tool ensures that the laser maintains a constant temperature and performance during operation.

5. Scanning head

A scan head is an auxiliary tool used to convert a 2D image into a vector format that the laser engraver can handle. This aid works by scanning the surface of an item to generate outlines and converts them into a code that a laser engraver can understand.

A scan head usually consists of a lens, sensor, controller and software. When in use, the user only needs to place the item to be scanned in an appropriate position, and then let the scanning head scan the entire surface. This auxiliary tool can quickly generate accurate vector graphics, making engraving and cutting more convenient.


The above is the introduction of the auxiliary tools of Ortur Laser Master 3 laser engraver. These auxiliary tools can help users perform engraving and cutting more quickly and conveniently. But it should be noted that it is very important to choose the appropriate auxiliary tools and perform correct operations to ensure the quality and efficiency of engraving and cutting.

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