Best Wood and Metal Laser Engravers

Best Wood and Metal Laser Engravers

ATOMSTACK S20 PRO Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Type - Diode
Optical Power – 20W
Wavelength – 450-460 nm
Working area – 400 x 400 mm
Warranty - 1 year
If you often find yourself carving on wood and metal surfaces, the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro serves both purposes. The capabilities of this powerful laser engraver are endless.

It is equipped with four-way 6W laser coupling technology, which can output a beam with a power of more than 20W. Therefore, it can engrave or cut any metal surface. Users claim it can cut 15mm thick paulownia boards in one go.

When it comes to engraving, the S20 Pro is equipped with a 32-bit motherboard that works with a built-in 256-bit color scale and 0.08 X 0.1mm focal point laser to deliver the best results. With this machine, engravings on any surface will have higher contrast, depth and color definition.

The machine is designed for extended working time. It has an air assist kit that removes smoke and dust and prevents overheating.

Another impressive feature of the S20 is offline engraving. Therefore, the engraving process does not stop when the computer connection is lost.

It has a solid metal design and it could last a decade if cared for properly. Therefore, the S20 may be the only laser engraver you buy.

Best Mini Engraving Machine For Wood

Brand – LaserPecker
Laser Type - Ultraviolet
Optical Power – 1.6W
Wavelength – 450nm
Working area – 101 X 101 mm
Warranty - 1 year

The LaserPecker 1 is a cute little laser engraver that fits easily in the palm of your hand. It is powered by a power bank (included in the package) and is arguably the most portable laser engraver on the market.

It is a basic laser engraving machine that can help engrave a variety of objects, such as leather wallets, wooden signs, and edible items like lemons and oranges. Just install the engraving machine on the stand, connect to the power bank, select the design on the app, and start engraving anytime, anywhere.

You can also carve without a stand. Hold the machine with the laser facing the surface to start engraving.

Laser engraving machines are not only small in size, but also very safe. It has multiple safety features such as thermal shutdown, tilt warning alarm, password protection, etc.

It's perfect for entry-level creators. Or, if you want to gift someone who likes to etch and personalize something, the LaserPecker 1 is a great choice.

Aufero Laser Engraver

Brand – Aufero
Laser type – UV
Optical Power – 6 W
Wavelength – 450 nm
Working Area – 390 × 390 mm
Warranty – 1 Year
This laser engraver doesn't necessarily top any particular category. But it's a very nice machine with a full range of features.

One area where the Aufero really competes is speed. It can engrave at a speed of 10,000mm per minute. It benefits from the advanced 32-bit ninth-generation ESP32 microchip, which improves overall performance by 30%. It also supports 1.8-series firmware, which is optimized for speed.

0.07 X 0.06 mm focal point enables high engraving precision. Additionally, the low center of gravity of the X-axis allows the machine to etch patterns precisely even at higher speeds.

Aufero is equipped with all safety features. These include a shield to block harmful rays, a pair of safety glasses, active position protection, and fuse overcurrent protection.

The laser engraving machine is easy to assemble and use. As such, it's a decent machine that covers all the bases.

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