Design of Small Laser Engraver and Cutter

Design of Small Laser Engraver and Cutter

LaserPecker 3 small laser engraving machine is a portable and easy-to-carry device, mainly used for processing wood, plastic, paper and other non-metallic materials, widely used in education, art, DIY and other fields. This article will introduce the design of small laser engraving machine from the aspects of design principle, composition structure and technical parameters.

Design Principle

The basic principle of the small laser engraver is the same as that of ordinary laser engraving machines, but the design pays more attention to factors such as portability and portability. The core part of the small laser engravers is the laser and the optical path system, in which the laser beam generated by the laser needs to pass through a series of optical path systems composed of mirrors and lenses to focus the laser beam to a very small diameter, and then scan it on the material to achieve Purpose of processing.


Laserpecker 2 small laser engraver mainly consists of the following parts:

1. Laser: The laser is the core part of generating the laser beam, usually using CO2 laser or fiber laser.

2. Optical path system: The optical path system consists of a series of mirrors, lenses, and optical attenuators, which are used to adjust the path and focal length of the laser beam so that it can quickly and accurately scan the surface of the material.

3. Control system: The control system includes two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part is mainly composed of motor drive, stepping motor, sensor, etc. The software part is mainly composed of laser engraving software, which is used to control the working status and running speed of the equipment and other parameters. .

4. Fuselage structure: The fuselage structure of the small laser engraver machine is mainly composed of guide rails, brackets, platforms, etc., which are used to support materials and keep the equipment stable.

5. Cooling system: The laser will generate a lot of heat during the working process, so it needs to be equipped with a cooling system to cool down to ensure the stability and life of the laser.

Technical Parameters

The technical parameters of Laserpecker small laser engraving machine include the following aspects:

1. Laser power: Laser power is the key parameter for small laser engraving machines. Generally speaking, the laser power of small laser engraving machines is between 1-10W. The higher the power, the faster the processing speed, but the higher the price .

2. Marking precision: Marking precision refers to the minimum error that can be achieved by small laser engraving machines, generally in mm. The higher the marking accuracy, the more fine products can be produced, but the price will also be higher.

3. Engraving area: The engraving area refers to the maximum area that can be processed by a small laser engraving machine. Different small laser engraving machines have different engraving areas. Users can choose the appropriate specification according to their needs.

4. Scanning speed: Scanning speed refers to the movement speed of the laser beam during the processing of the small laser engraver. The faster the speed, the higher the processing efficiency.

5. Material applicability: The materials suitable for processing by small laser engraving machines are mainly non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, cloth, etc. Users can choose suitable materials for processing according to their own needs.


When using a small laser engraving machine, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Safe use: The laser beam of the laser engraving machine has a strong ability to damage human eyes and skin, so you must wear relevant protective glasses and gloves when using it.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: The small laser engraver machine will produce a lot of dust and waste during the processing, which needs to be cleaned in time and maintained according to the instructions.

3. Environmental adaptability: The small laser engraving machines need to be placed in a dry and ventilated environment when in use, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.

4. Correct operation: The small laser engraver is a relatively complicated device. Before operation, you should read the instructions carefully to understand the usage methods and precautions of each part.

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