Influencing Factors And Solutions Of Laser Engraver Engraving Quality

Influencing Factors And Solutions Of Laser Engraver Engraving Quality

Atomstack laser engraver is a widely used non-contact engraving equipment, because of its high precision, high efficiency, high automation and other advantages, it is widely used in handicrafts, molds, electronic equipment manufacturing, advertising decoration and other fields. But in practical application, we will find that the engraving quality of laser engraving machine can not always meet our requirements. So, why is the engraving quality of the laser engraving machine affected? How to solve these problems? This article will analyze and solve the engraving quality of the laser engraving machine.

Influencing Factors Of Laser Engraving Machine Engraving Quality

1. Laser power

Laser power refers to the energy contained in the laser output by the Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraver. If the power is too low, it may produce a weak cutting or scoring effect, and if the power is too high, it may cause problems such as melting or damage to the material.

2. Laser density

Laser density refers to the energy density per unit area. If the laser density is too low, the spots may not be obvious and the scribing is not in place. If the density is too high, it may cause quality problems such as overheating and burns of the material.

3. Scan speed

The scanning speed is the speed at which the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraver moves. If the speed is too fast, the effect may be unclear and the lines may be rough; if the speed is too slow, the engraving time will be too long and the cost will increase.

4. Pulse frequency

The pulse frequency refers to the number of times the laser beam is emitted per unit time. If the frequency is too low, it may be necessary to increase the number of scans and increase the cost; if the frequency is too high, it may cause problems such as material melting and damage.

5. Focusing system

The focusing system is a system for focusing or fine-tuning the beam, and the quality directly affects the quality and stability of the beam. If the focusing system is not good, it will lead to irregular light spots and different beam sizes, which will affect the engraving quality.

6. Materials

Different materials respond differently to laser light, so characteristics such as texture and hardness of the material will also affect the engraving effect. For example, metal materials such as aluminum alloy and steel require high-power laser engraver, while materials such as wood and leather require low-power laser engraving machines.

How To Solve The Engraving Quality Problem Of Laser Engraving Machine

1. Adjust laser parameters

By adjusting parameters such as laser power, density, scanning speed, and pulse frequency, the engraving quality of the laser engraving machine can be improved. For example, for materials with relatively shallow lines, the laser power and density should be appropriately increased to ensure the engraving effect.

2. Replace the focusing lens

If the quality of the focusing lens is not good, consider replacing it with a high-quality focusing lens. By replacing the focusing lens, the stability and energy density of the laser beam can be improved, thereby improving the engraving quality.

3. Changing the material

The engraving effect of the Laserpecker 2 laser engraving machine is also related to the texture and hardness of the material. Therefore, when selecting materials, it is necessary to choose suitable materials according to the requirements of the project to ensure better engraving effects.

4. Keep the machine clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintenance of a laser engraver is critical to maintaining its stability and reliability. Cleaning and adjusting the machine in time can effectively reduce the probability of machine problems and improve the working efficiency and engraving quality of the laser engraving machine.

To sum up, the engraving quality of LaserPecker 3 laser engraving machine is affected by many factors, and the solutions are different for different influencing factors. When using a laser engraving machine for engraving, it is necessary to select appropriate parameter settings for different scenarios, and at the same time pay attention to keeping the machine clean and maintained, in order to ensure the engraving quality and efficiency of the laser engraving machine.

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