Precautions For Switching On And Off The Laser Engraving Machines

Precautions For Switching On And Off The Laser Engraving Machines

With the continuous advancement of technology, Atomstack laser engraving machines have become an indispensable production tool in modern society. However, when using a laser engraving machine, we must abide by some regulations and safety measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Below we will introduce the precautions for switching on and off the laser engraving machine in detail.

Preparations Before Starting

1. Check whether the equipment is in a normal state: ensure that the accessories of the equipment are complete and fastened, and the connection interfaces are firm, etc., to avoid failure when starting up.

2. Check the power supply: During use, pay attention to check whether the solder joints of the power plug are broken, whether there are scorched marks on the surface of the plug, and whether the power cord is aging. If any problem is found, the power cord should be replaced in time.

3. Check the water pump and water tank: The laser engraving machine needs cooling water when it is working, so you should check whether the water pump and water tank are running normally.

4. Check the air system: the laser engraver needs air pressure to push the cylinder, so it is necessary to check whether the air system is smooth and whether the cylinder is flexible.

Start-Up Process And Precautions

1. Press the power button: After confirming that all preparations are completed, press the power button, and then observe whether the various indicators on the dashboard are on. If the indicators on the dashboard are normal, it means that the laser engraver has started to run.

2. Turn on the water pump: Turn on the water pump switch, inject cooling water into the water tank, and confirm whether the water pump is running smoothly on the dashboard. You can check whether the water sprayed from the water pump outlet is normal.

3. Turn on the air system: turn on the switch of the air system, confirm whether the air system is working normally, and observe whether the value of the barometer is normal.

4. Preheating equipment: Before the equipment officially works, it is necessary to preheat the equipment, which can improve the working efficiency and precision of the equipment, and also prolong the service life of the equipment.

5. Adjust the optical path: When using a laser engraving machine for processing, it is necessary to adjust the optical path to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the laser, and at the same time improve the quality of processing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate laser power, speed, frequency and other parameters.

6. Safe operation: When operating the Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraver, you must wear protective glasses to prevent laser damage to your eyes. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the height of the platform to ensure that the distance between the platform and the laser tool is appropriate to prevent the laser tool from colliding with the platform.

7. Treatment after processing: When the equipment is finished processing, it is necessary to turn off the switch of the laser engraving machine, turn off the switch of the water pump and the gas system, clean the equipment, and do a good job of cleaning the equipment and the surrounding environment.

Precautions Before Shutting Down

1. Turn off the laser engraver: Stop the operation of the machine and cut off the power before shutting it down.

2. Turn off the water pump and gas circuit system switch: Before closing the water pump and gas circuit system switch, be sure to turn off the water pump and gas circuit system switch to prevent the water pump and cylinder from being closed normally.

3. Clean up the work area: After shutting down, the work area should be cleaned up, the waste materials and cleaning fluid should be properly disposed of, and the on-site cleaning work should be done to keep the work area clean.

4. Maintenance of equipment: After each use, the equipment should be maintained and maintained, waste and stains should be cleaned, accessories should be cleaned regularly and damaged parts should be replaced to extend the service life of the equipment.

In short, when using the Atomstack S30 Pro laser engraver, you must strictly follow the above procedures and precautions, and carefully abide by the equipment usage regulations to achieve safe, efficient, and high-quality work results.

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