The LaserPecker LX1 Specifications

The LaserPecker LX1 Specifications

- The unique collapsible frame is an industry first and is designed to make setting up, working and storing quick and easy.
- Interchangeable attachment modules switch easily for superior engraving and cutting capabilities.
- The wide working area and wide material range increase the creative potential.
- Engraved and cut base with integrated jig allows for extremely accurate positioning of designs.
- New app and desktop software and LightBurn™ compatibility make layout, editing and control amazing.

Brand: LaserPecker
Type: Engraver and Marker
Model: Laserpecker LX1
Color: Grey
laser Power: 20W Blue Laser
Working area: 16.54 * 15.75 inch
Package content:
1 x LaserPecker LX1
1 x Electric Supporting Track
4 x Protective Shield
1 x Goggles

LaserPecker LX1 Foldable Gantry Laser Engraving Machine
As far as I know, LaserPecker is famous for developing and producing portable laser engraving machine equipment. Following the launch of the fourth-generation immersion marking machine LaserPecker 4, the company has launched a portable gantry laser engraving machine LX1.

In fact, the gantry laser engraver is no stranger to the Atomstack P7 and Atomstack P9 series cantilever machines. But it looks like the LaserPecker LX1 has a more compact design, with a boom that swivels and folds to make the machine more portable.

Extensive expandability is a key feature of the LaserPecker LX1, equipped with its own 20W diode blue laser module, capable of cutting 15mm wood boards in one pass and 8mm black acrylic in one pass. Secondly, it can also equip LX1 with 10W 450nm blue laser or 1064nm infrared laser and artist module.

It is worth mentioning that the 1064nm infrared laser is very suitable for engraving on the metal surface, which perfectly solves the pain that the diode blue laser cannot engrave metal friendly. Plus, the artist module makes drawing easy for creators of all ages, and is compatible with a wide range of pens and drawing tools.

The material you intend to use will determine the best laser choice for you. The 450nm blue laser is designed for organic materials, so if you want to engrave and cut on wood, acrylic, leather, etc., it will be your choice. It is also suitable for engraving on coated and anodized metals, but not directly on bare metal.

Due to its wavelength, a 1064nm infrared laser is recommended if you want to engrave on bare metals such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper, nickel and stainless steel. Also, 1064nm infrared lasers are best for engraving on plastic.

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